How To Grease Your Suspension

Regular maintenance on your vehicle helps to keep it running well and longer. And sometimes greasing the suspension and steering components is overlooked. But here’s a few steps on how to do it and tools that will make the job easier!

You’ll need a grease gun to get started and Lock-N-Lube has one that we like to use here in the shop. It has a long, flexible hose which makes getting in hard-to-reach spots an easy job. It also features a locking coupler on the end with a unique sliding sleeve that’s activated by a thumb lever. It locks, stays on, and prevents any leaking so you don’t have to align it and use two hands. Couplers from Lock-N-Lube are convenient in that they attach to any grease gun.

Before you get started, wiping down the fittings with some brake cleaner will help stop any loose dirt from clogging up the fittings. Then just apply your grease and when you see it come out of the part, you know you’re done. So don’t forget lubrication next time you’re doing maintenance on your ride! For more information and products check out

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