How To Create A Vacuum Source

Sometimes with an engine, like the 427 Windsor in Detroit Muscle’s Project Sydewinder, there is no vacuum source. On this particular engine, there is a vacuum advance distributor and a vacuum source for the fuel pressure regulators is needed. Here’s how you can do that.

The best place to do this is directly above the runners near where the carburetor mounts. Place a piece of tape with a mark on it where you want to drill. Stuff some shop towels down into the runners and filling the plenum to be sure no metal shavings fall into the engine. The rags will get the job done but as an extra precaution, you can dip your drill but into some grease so the shavings will be picked up along the way. Use a bigger bit to make the final hole and use a tap to thread the hole for the fitting.

You can then take your brass fitting and place it in, add your vacuum hoses and be ready to go.

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