How One Guy Is Saving His Cars From Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey has had an absolutely devastating impact on Houston and other parts of Southeast Texas. The record rainfall has brought flooding to the area resulting in a lot of people losing most of their belongings.

But there have also been stories of people coming together to help each other along with ingenious ideas to save property and belongings. Cody Crochet was one of those people when he came up with solutions to get his BMW E36 M3s, and X5 off the ground and away from rising waters.

Jalopnik reported the story saying that Crochet had initially only expected about a foot of flooding around his home, so he thought putting his cars up on lifts and a trailer would keep them above the flood line. Turns out that wasn’t enough. As the expected one foot of water quickly became three feet, he had to think quick. He started grabbing garden blocks and put one set under each jack stand thinking this was enough. But as he would finish that, the water rose to the bottom of the tire. So he added more and more as the water rose. He had to drive the X5 onto the highest point of his property, which happened to be his front porch, and hope for the best and luckily so far, it seems to be holding out. You know he’s a car guy when he’s already thinking about what projects he can do after the water recedes since he has the red M3 up this high. 

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