How Hot Wheels Is Celebrating Its 50th Anniversary

Hot Wheels is celebrating its 50th anniversary by bringing back 5 of its original cars complete with original paint schemes and packaging.

The company is celebrating in a lot of ways, like the Custom COPO Camaro Hot Wheels Edition that’s available this year. But if that’s a little out of your price range, take a look at the original mini-cars that are being released. AutoBlog reports that Mattel is taking 5 fan favorites from the original lineup and reproducing them. That includes the ’67 Camaro, ’68 Cougar, ’67 Hemi Barracuda, ’67 Mustang, and Volkswagen Beetle. Each car is the same as the originals down to the packaging and are on sale no for $5. But for the extra price, you get a code to win one of those Hot Wheels COPO Camaros we mentioned!