How Far You Can Get On A Hybrid When You Run Out Of Gas

Vehicles like the Chevy Volt that are hybrid with the option for both a gas and electric powered engine make for interesting situations. What If the car happens to run out of gas and all you have left is electric power? Usually, both are used depending on the driving factors so what happens if you run completely out of gas? Well, YouTuber, Rob Ferretti, took the chance and found out.

Obviously, when you run out of gas with a hybrid car, it reverts to being running strictly on electric power. But what might surprise you is that when he did run out of gas, the electric power didn’t actually seem to be that safe. There comes a point where the car is so weak that it actually becomes dangerous to drive. What happens if you need to merge on the highway when traffic is moving at a high rate of speed? You don’t want to be that guy trying to merge at 40mph. Just how bad can something like this get? Rob shows off a very disappointing 0-60 time and you’ll see just how weak the all-electric side of the hybrid really is. Watching something like this might make you think twice about trying to push your limits of how little gas you can run on with a hybrid!

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