How Does This Tesla Lope Like a Cammed Hellcat?

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Recently, a survey conducted by Ford asked people what they’d miss most when transitioning from internal combustion engines to electric. The overwhelming response was about the smell of gasoline, which might have come as a surprise to some. However, we feel differently. Nothing compares to the sound of a V8 with an exhaust system and upgraded internals that let it roar. Apparently, we aren’t the only ones who feel this way based on a recent YouTube video from Brooks Weisblat.

Let’s be honest – adding a cammed V8 soundtrack to an electric car isn’t going to satisfy the itch of a loud or high-revving engine. However, it proves that something as simple as the sound of a motor is on the minds of consumers, which is obvious from Brooks’ video. He added a little something extra that needs to be heard and seen for you to believe.

Since the majority will keep their Tesla, well, a Tesla, the automaker has been hard at work fitting their vehicles with external speakers to meet specific criteria for the visually impaired. The objective is for these silent cars to emit noise and not spook those who rely on their hearing.

The automaker has also allowed owners an option to upload five sounds of their choice, and Weisblat took full advantage of this opportunity. In the video, he acknowledges the people whining about the the car not having a soul, how it doesn’t make noise, and that it’s just an RC car. So, what did he do? He uploaded a cammed Hellcat soundtrack to his Tesla to play through his external speakers. Yes, you read that right. If you closed your eyes and put on the video, you probably won’t notice the difference.

If you’re not a Mopar person per se, you have the option to add Lamborghini sounds, Ford GT, and you get the drift. Can it ever live up to the sound and feels of a traditional V8? Probably not. Is it a cool idea? Absolutely.

With that said, we’re living in a strange time where automakers like Dodge are throwing Hellcats into everything while at the same time committing to an all-electric future. The transitional period has allowed us to craft unique ideas to hold on to our past while embracing the future. Fortunately, at the very least, we have the opportunity to choose what we want, whether it’s a Tesla belting out a fake V8 or the real deal.

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