Houston Explosion Levels Shop Housing Classic Chevy Corvettes Worth $1 Million

Last week a deadly explosion at Watson Grinding and Manufacturing occurred in Houston, Texas which destroyed at least three buildings and killed two people. Authorities report the blast was caused by leaking propylene. Houston Corvette Service was one of the buildings flattened.

Gordon Andrus owns the business which is located right across the street from Watson Grinding & Manufacturing. While nobody at Houston Corvette Service was injured, unfortunately, two employees at Watson were killed.

The explosion flattened the building, trapping Corvettes inside worth upwards of $1 million.

Andrus told local news ABC13, “Mine are flattened. It’s sitting there with about a million dollars in cars right now. We restore old Corvettes, and it’s full of what used to be really nice cars.”

Although two buildings were destroyed, Houston Corvette Service has said that its paint and body shops went unscathed and that the business will open as normal today. As of now, it’s not known which specific models were destroyed.

While we always hate to see cars, especially classics, destroyed it has no comparison to the lives lost in the explosion. Our thoughts go out to all those affected and their families.

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