Honda Is Refusing To Track A Stolen Accord Because The Owner Didn’t Have HondaLink

Honda reportedly saw a stolen car and wouldn’t help the police or the owner find it.

Canadian news outlet, Global News, reports that a local resident is upset after Honda wouldn’t disclose where his stolen car was after it was taken from his driveway, even though Honda had the ability to locate his vehicle. The automaker told him in order for them to locate it he needed a subscription and told police they needed a warrant.

Layth Ablhd started off his morning as usual except when he looked out his window, he noticed his nearly new 2019 Honda Accord wasn’t there.

After reaching out to his neighbors, Ablhd was able to obtain video from a neighbor’s security camera which showed three thieves driving away with the locked car. Naturally, he called his police department and almost immediately an officer was at his house.

After reviewing the footage and the story, Ablhd and the officer decided to call Honda Canada to see if the car could be tracked. And it could! Ablhd thought his luck was changing.

Ablhd and the officer were told that Honda could see the Accord. However, Honda would not disclose the location, even to the officer. Honda said that because Ablhd hadn’t subscribed to HondaLink they couldn’t release information.

Ablhd didn’t buy the feature claiming the dealer didn’t mention it or describe its benefits.

The police pushed hard to get Honda to disclose the location to him. But he was told that without the subscription there was nothing she would do.

Thinking the subscription could save him, Ablhd paid $148 for a subscription to HondaLink. But it was too late. By that time Honda no longer had a signal from the Accord.

Honda Canada responded to Ablhd’s claims and said: “appropriate protocols were followed.”

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