HOA Is Threatening $200 Fine For Closing Garage Doors

Do you leave your garage door closed? Well if you were a resident of this California neighborhood that could cost you $200. The Greens HOA in Auburn, CA has posted a notice for its residents saying their garage doors must stay open from 8am to 4pm Monday thru Friday.

Residents are concerned with theft from their garage since the hours requested are the average work-day hours and many of the residents won’t be home during that time. They say they have nothing to hide but should not be required to follow a rule telling them what to do with their own property. One resident even suggested a monthly or bi-monthly check of residents garages in replacement of the open door policy.

The notice comes after some residents were caught with people living in the garage but the other residents say they shouldn’t have to comply just because of one household.

Residents are testing how open the garage needs to be by placing paint cans and other objects in the door so that it’s only raised a foot or two from the ground. The argument is “What is the point of having a garage and/or garage door if it’s just going to remain open to the public anyways?”. Do you agree? How would you feel about the situation?

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