Hero In California Wildfires Gives His New Tundra A Custom Paint Job To Honor Fallen Truck

Nurse Allyn Pierce was all over the media during the devastating Camp wildfire which was the worst in California history. He braved the intense wildfire – twice – to evacuate patients from the hospital where he works as an ICU manager. While fleeing to safety Pierce encountered a fiery gridlock. That’s when seemingly out of nowhere, a bulldozer cleared a path allowing Allyn to navigate his Tundra truck away from what could have been certain death for him and some colleagues.

After bringing people to safety, he braved the flames again and drove back to the hospital where residents were there looking for help. Afterward, his scorched Tundra resembled a burnt marshmallow and the plastic pieces melted, including the headlights and taillights. Allyn posted a photo to his Instagram account of his charred pickup truck, and Toyota answered with an upgrade replacement. Toyota replaced it with a TRD Pro and now, it’s surfacing that Pierce is giving his new Tundra fake “burn marks” to pay tribute to his original truck.

Pierce teamed up with Rockstar Garage and took the Tundra TRD Pro, nicknamed “the Pandra Pro”, to Team + Bullet Liner in Murrieta, California. After sanding down the exterior, they overlaid it with pickup bedliner material to replicate the old truck’s boiled and melted paint before airbrushing it with a couple shades of brown.

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