Toyota Offers To Replace Brave Nurse’s Charred Tundra Truck

The devastating Paradise wildfire is the worst in California history to date burning down approximately 7,800 homes and, even more unfortunate, claiming lives. Tales of tragedy are surfacing, but also stories of heroism have come to light as the fire continues to burn. The latter rings true for Allyn Pierce who braved the intense wildfire – twice – to evacuate patients from the hospital where he works as an ICU manager. According to Yahoo and the New York Times, while fleeing to safety they encountered a fiery gridlock. That’s when seemingly out of nowhere, a bulldozer cleared a path allowing Allyn to navigate his Tundra truck away from what could have been certain death for him and some colleagues. After bringing people to safety, he braved the flames again and drove back to hospital where residents were there looking for help. If you take a look at his scorched Tundra, the white paint now resembles a burnt marshmallow and the plastic pieces have melted including the headlights and taillights. Allyn posted a photo to his Instagram account of his charred pickup truck, and Toyota answered with this unbelievable response below.

If anyone deserves a new Toyota truck for a heroic deed, it’s this guy for sure.

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