Guy Rides His Harley Like A Race Bike! VERY Sharp Turns!

Whoa! This is one of the most insane bike videos we’ve seen! Most videos like this, it’s a sport bike that was designed for these types of turns but it’s not everyday you see a regular Harley Davidson do this kinda driving.

In this video, you see a Harley rider driving through some pretty wild mountain roads going SUPER fast, taking extremely tight turns. It’s honestly really awesome but scary at the same time. At the 00:12 mark, you see him almost lose complete control and wipe out but he somehow keeps it together and keeps on riding! At the 00:28 mark, you see the biker get REALLY close to the rocks on the side of the mountain, which almost certainly looks like he’s about to crash but again..he doesn’t. This guy obviously has a lot of skill to be able to ride like this!

Between the 00:34-00:36 mark wee see the biker AGAIN get REALLY close to the rocks on the sides but he’s too much of a pro to crash! What do you think about this insanity? Any Harley riders out there have an opinion? Let us know in the comments what you think and for more cool videos like this, stay tuned on