Guy Just Misses Death In Rollover

Who doesn’t love a good demolition derby, rollover contest, or race with some action? Crashes are what keep it exciting and alive, right? Well, this guy turned the excitement level up to 10 with this one.

Riverhead Raceway on Long Island is notorious for crazy events and crashes. Like the rollover contest in this video from RCR 37. The objective of the event is basically getting yourself a junker and roll it as many times as possible before it dies. That sounds like a whole lot of fun. Sign us up.

This guy is definitely doing that except he came a little too close to actually dying himself. He must have missed the memo that the goal is to kill the car, not yourself. The original description reports that the seatbelt broke but whatever happened, the driver went plunging through the windshield and luckily, walked away unhurt. Although we have to say, we’re not convinced a simple seatbelt would’ve helped this guy with the number of times the vehicle rolled, but hey we could be wrong.

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