Guy In Russia Drives Through Airport! Why? Who Knows!

This is like the scene from Blues Brothers, except they drove through a mall! Somewhere in Russia, a guy decided to go for a joy ride through an airport, which is just super weird. This has to be one of the craziest driving videos out there.

The video starts off outside with this car out of control! People are trying to stop the driver and open his door to get him out of the car but he’s determined to make his way inside the airport. Once inside, the driver actually seems to be avoiding obstacles. Besides driving through doors, you see him carefully avoid obstacles in his way. The funny music just adds to the craziness to this video! The security guards or whoever is chasing him try to get inside his car every chance they get when he stops.

Finally the driver of the car makes it outside of the airport and stops for a second. One of the guys chasing him opens his door but then the driver speeds off into the street before finally stopping. Insanity! Luckily nobody was hurt in this crazy stunt. It seems like the driver just wanted to go for a crazy joy ride for absolutely no reason whatsoever. Very weird!