Guy Drives Suburban Through Massive Fire – Jumps Out Mid-Air Before Crashing Into Lake!!

This stunt is AWESOME!

The entire video is in slow motion because slow motion automatically makes stunts so much cooler right? We first see an old beat up Cheverolet Suburban driving over a flaming ramp (or hill.) As the Suburban drives over this massive fire, it then catches on fire which is just insane looking! The Suburban is now a flaming fireball flying through the air. At the same time this is happening, the driver opens his door and JUMPS out of the car in mid-air.

The slow motion makes this video so awesome! The flaming Suburban and the driver are both falling right down into a lake below. The car and the driver both crash into the water below, with smoke clouds everywhere. What an epic crash!! This has to be one of the best stunt videos we’ve ever seen! Not only does the fire make it THAT much more amazing but the driver jumping out mid-air is just too cool.

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