Guy Comes Home To A Free Concrete Driveway After Major Contractor Mixup

Reddit User Purple-Circle

We’re all human. Mistakes get made on job sites every day. This particular mistake was an expensive one though. A man went to work for 10 hours, came home, and found a brand new driveway he knew nothing about.

Reddit user purple-circle posted a photo of a new, very nice concrete driveway. However, he had no need for one, nor did he order it. Apparently there was a home a few doors down the street that did order the driveway though that looked very similar. When the crew came back to see if the job was up to par, they realized it was the wrong customer and it ended up costing them an estimated $8,000 AUD (or $6,200 USD).

The Reddit user wrote, “When the person that laid it came back to see if I was happy with the job, he realized it was the wrong address. I now have a free concrete driveway.”

If you’re wondering if he had to pony up for the job, even though he didn’t technically purchase it, the answer is no. According to the Reddit thread, the company didn’t push him for payment. Purple-circle’s lawyer actually advised him to not even offer any form of payment or tip since that could be construed as accepting the work and being liable for full payment.

Pushing the issue even further, technically, the construction company could be sued for trespassing and property damage, even though it was a genuinely honest mistake.

The construction company ate the cost, although we’re sure someone learned a lesson in checking addresses. The driveway was poured for the correct customer and purple-circle got a free driveway out of the deal. All is well that ends well.

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