Guy Backs Out Of His Garage Seconds Before Tornado Strikes

Somewhere in Russia, this guy decided to leave his house to go for a ride somewhere. Well, apparently he didn’t know how bad the weather was outside, otherwise he would’ve stayed inside!

As the guy is backing out of his garage, we see that it’s raining outside. For a split second, it looks like just a normal downpour. However, we then see stuff flying off the roof of his house. Obviously the wind is picking up FAST. Suddenly a huge cloud of dust shows up and debris starts going everywhere! Yep, he’s in the middle of a tornado!

Realizing what’s happening, he tries to go back in his garage but when we see the garage again, it’s literally being torn to pieces. Wow! The driver of this car is lucky they didn’t get blown away by the tornado. Later in the video, you see only minor damage was done to the drivers Toyota. Considering it was just in the middle of a tornado, the car definitely could’ve been in worse shape.

This is super crazy! Glad the driver was ok! What do you think about this situation? Let us know in the comments and for more videos stay tuned on!