Google Earth Finds Missing Man And His Car 22 Years Later

Thanks to Google Earth’s images a case from 1997 has been solved. A case in Wellington, Florida was closed after a Google Earth image found a missing man’s car (and his remains) submerged in a retention pond.

Local news report that William Earl Moldt went missing in November of 1997, after driving home from a nightclub. After leaving the club, witnesses said he didn’t appear to be drunk, but didn’t make it home, so his girlfriend filed a missing person report.

The case went cold over the years until Grand Isles resident, Barry Fay, and his neighbor were casually looking at their complex through Google Earth. Fay’s neighbor noticed something odd in the retention pond…a submerged vehicle.

Thinking it was a mistake or no longer there, Fay called another neighbor with a drone to check it out and sure enough, the car was there. So they called the police who dug the car out and found that the 1994 Saturn belonged to Moldt, with his remains inside.

It’s reported that at the time of the accident, the complex was under construction.

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