Ford Files New Patent That Would Allow People To Drive While Standing Up

Ford patent depicting the driver operating a Bronco while standing up | Image via US Patent Office
Ford patent depicting the driver operating a Bronco while standing up | Image via US Patent and Trademark Office

Whenever anyone files a patent with the US Patent and Trademark Office, it is to legally protect an invention, concept, or idea. Whether it is something absolutely new, or a new improvement on an existing idea, you never know what will take off. Don’t forget, even the “Pet Rock” is a trademarked success!

So when it comes to the auto industry, manufacturers will file hundreds of patents with in an effort to protect an idea, whether it takes off or not. There are many interesting patents that have made their way through the patent filing process that have warranted a few questions, like external airbags, augmented reality windshields, and self-repossessing vehicles. But the latest one has nearly everyone’s eyebrows raising while simultaneously asking ourselves, “huh?”

That is because a new patent filed by Ford would allow a driver to be able to operate their vehicle while in a standing-up position.

This Patent Lets You Do What?

Although Ford filed this patent with the US Patent and Trademark Office back in 2021, it has suddenly been getting a lot of online attention. If you saw someone driving a Bronco down the street while standing up through the roof, that would certainly grab your attention too, wouldn’t it? According to the illustration, the patent appears to have driveable controls on the windshield pillar that the owner can use to operate the vehicle while standing.

While being able to control the vehicle without the steering wheel is the most obvious function behind this concept, the other is to take driveable controls similar to the illustration and place them at multiple locations on the vehicle. This would come in handy for off-road enthusiasts experiencing moments of low visibility, or if they don’t have a spotter riding with them. This system would allow solo off-roaders to safely navigate tricky terrain.

Of course, safety being another gigantic issue regarding this concept, the patent would allow the driver to move throughout the vehicle only during certain drive modes, and at very low speeds.

While it is very likely that this patent will remain filed away with the rest of Ford’s intellectual property, perhaps it is better to have it and not need it instead of need it and not have it. Because who knows if driving while standing up ever becomes the new trend in the future?

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