Ford Mustang Leaves Car Show…Crashes Into Wall

Uh oh! We have another car show fail! It may be when the cameras are rolling that people just really feel the need to show off as much as they possibly can and always seem to drive beyond their driving skill. This is how accidents happen! People shouldn’t drive like this on a public road in the first place but anyways, this is definitely a fail!

The video starts off with a black Ford Mustang in a parking lot leaving a car show. Now like most people leaving car shows, the driver decides to show off a little bit by speeding out in the street. Well as the Mustang gets out in the street, the driver quickly loses control and the car slides directly into the wall! That definitely didn’t sound good!

What’s even more of a fail is that when the Mustang tries to drive away, it looks like the driver loses control AGAIN and spins out! Seriously what is going on here? The driver eventually drove off but that was honestly pretty painful to watch. Maybe next time the driver will decide against leaving a car show like this. What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments!