Florida Sherrif’s Office Convert Former Drug Dealer’s Corvette into a Patrol Car

The Chevrolet Corvette Z06 is one of the most popular sports cars around. For good reason after all, because it’s just as sleek as it is powerful. So after the Escambia Sheriff’s Office seized a 2017 Corvette Z06 from a felony suspect, they went a step further and converted it into a patrol car complete with police decals.

The Escambia County Sheriff’s Office made the big reveal of its new patrol car during its “Dining for Deputies event at Beef O’Brady’s” showing off its new police-issue wrap, lights, and sirens.

Sheriff Chip Simmons assured locals that the conversion came “at zero cost to taxpayers.” The Sheriff’s Office wrote on its Facebook page, “The new wrap and upgrades were funded by the Escambia County Sheriff Foundation. This vehicle will be used to continue with community engagement like we’ve never seen before and for the recruitment of the future leaders of tomorrow.”

Even though the Sheriff’s Department intends on using the Corvette for community engagements, it has received some harsh criticism. Some believe that the ESCO should auction off the car to raise money for the police budget, local programs, assisting disadvantaged and at-risk individuals, etc.

The ESCO’s method of acquiring the Corvette Z06 through seizure has also received some criticism. While the police legally seized the vehicle on the premise of “civil asset forfeiture,” which allows them to confiscate money, assets, and property if it is connected to criminal activity. In this case, the Corvette was seized from a felony suspect facing drug charges.

However, if the suspect is not guilty and is acquitted on all charges, the police will have to return the Corvette to its owner.

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