First Ever Barge-To-Barge Motorcycle Backflip

Leave it to Travis Pastrana to do the first ever (successful) crazy stunt of a barge-to-barge backflip on a motorcycle. He and his Nitro Circus team are known for their insane stunts and this one is no exception.

The stunt was pulled off over a 75-foot gap over a river where two barges were parked on either bank. The crazy thing is the barges weren’t tied up so even a light breeze could have moved them ever so slightly enough to throw off his landing and send the whole stunt towards disaster. As if that wasn’t enough of a twist, Pastrana had just 150 feet to get a running start on this jump on the front end and a mere 36 feet to get the motorcycle to a stop once he landed on the other side. Talk about being daring and leaving a lot of variables wide open.

We mentioned that although this stunt was the first done successfully, it wasn’t the first time it was tried. Back in 2006, Mike Metzger attempted it and ended up with broken vertebrae and nobody was willing to try it since then. So great to hear Pastrana made it happen with no injuries, but are we really surprised it was him to pull it off? Not really.

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