How to Make a First-Gen Camaro or Firebird Really Handle

1967-69 Camaros and Firebirds were decent handlers in their day, but their leaf spring rear suspension isn’t up to today’s performance standards. You can really make your F-Body handle by swapping those leaf springs for a RideTech Four-Link System and a pair of HQ Series coilover shocks. They will dramatically improve ride quality, traction, and handling by eliminating wheel hop and increasing stability through the corners thanks to better articulation, an optimized roll center height, and built-in anti-squat. You can even upgrade the rear axle to a strong RideTech Ford 9-inch axle housing designed just for the four-link system.

Take the Hassle Out of Building a Steering System

Building steering gear for cars with little underhood space can be an exercise in frustration and cuss words. You’ve got to work around things like firewalls, headers, and frame rails, resulting in weird steering angles with multiple U-joints and support bearings. The Flaming River VDOG steering box eliminates a lot of those hassles. The gear-driven box has output shafts that sit 90 degrees to each other, providing maximum clearance in spaces where more traditional U-joint angles won’t work. What’s more, the output shaft rides in an articulating ball  shaft so you can set it at any angle up to 35° to clear whatever’s in the way.

The Easy Way to Power Electronics in Your Classic GM Vehicle

Adding a modern EFI powertrain, a rocking audio system, or other electronics to your classic GM car or truck will quickly overwhelm a low-output factory alternator. A Tuff Stuff Max Amp alternator can provide up to 165 amps at idle and up to 225 amps at full charge. Better still, they have cases that are direct replacements for factory 10DN, 10SI and CS130 alternators, so the switch is an easy bolt-on.