Find Out How You Can Own Ex-NASCAR Champion Jeff Gordon’s Winston Cup Car

Ex-Jeff Gordon 1997 Chevrolet Monte Carlo NASCAR Winston Cup Race Car | Photo Credit: Bring A Trailer

It feels like yesterday when I would bring my shifter kart to the track with family and friends, hitting curves and imagining I was on my idol, Jeff Gordon’s, race team. Like most kids my age, I couldn’t wait to get a license and follow in his footsteps. On my 16th birthday, my parents brought me to the DMV for my license, leading to projects with friends and building race cars.

On a part-time ice cream scooper’s budget, my friends and I did what we could to piece together our cars. Mine was a ’91 Nissan 300ZX, and although it wasn’t the fastest car at Willow Springs Raceway, to me it was the best. That little car lives on in my heart (and my garage). Even though my dreams have changed over the years, seeing a listing for that 24 car piqued my interest.

I was scrolling through the news and found NASCAR champion Jeff Gordon’s Chevrolet Monte Carlo is for sale on Bring A Trailer. Time to start bidding! As I read about specs and looked through the pictures, it teleported me to those moments of my childhood and racing go-karts with the family.

Ex-Jeff Gordon 1997 Chevrolet Monte Carlo NASCAR Winston Cup Race Car | Photo Credit: Bring A Trailer

In the listing, the car is chassis 2421, nicknamed “Brewser.” Gordon was the captain during a win at Martinsville Speedway and several lesser point finishes during the 1997 Winston Cup campaign, proving to be the second of his four successful title bids. Even at a young age, I still remember that season like it was yesterday.

As you’d find with other NASCAR cup cars, Brewser’s design is a fully caged control chassis, decorated in model-specific bodywork. In this case, a Monte Carlo. It boasts a potent 5.9L carbureted V8 from Hendrick Motorsports and a Tex Racing four-speed manual transmission.

Since being refurbished in 1999, it’s only been run for under an hour and offers a new clutch. The powertrain is in good enough shape to trust on the track if you’re looking to relive some dreams of your own.

Ex-Jeff Gordon 1997 Chevrolet Monta Carlo NASCAR Winston Cup Race Car | Photo Credit: Bring A Trailer

With that said, the car is a piece of history and you may not want to bring it to the track. Not to mention, since it’s a race-winning car from his championship season, it’s going to come at a premium.

It’s currently listed at $119,000, which I assume will continue to rise with two days left on the bidding. You don’t have to pay for an ex-Cup car, unless that’s what your soul desires. There are various used Cup cars at a reasonable $35,000 or less online. If your sole intention is to go fast, you can for much cheaper.

If you’re someone with deep pockets and the means to relive their childhood dreams of owning Jeff Gordon’s race car, you should consider putting it in a museum. With that said, if you end up buying it, don’t let some internet stranger tell you how to live your life.

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