Effort To Save Stuck Toyota 4Runner Taking Over The Internet

Stuck at playa black rock desert. Need help. Like 100m from more or less firm ground. 40º 56' 13.04" N, 119º 3' 2.92"…

Posted by George Sukhanov on Saturday, December 21, 2019

“Stuck at playa black rock desert. Need help.”

Facebook came to the rescue of this Toyota 4Runner driver. Total strangers worked together to save a Canadian man’s 4Runner after he became stuck in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert last week.

According to the original post for help:

“Still stuck here. Someone tried to reach me last night from gerlach side, got stuck there. Not sure if they are out now, but they did not seem keen to continue towards me. So I’m still in need of the rescue. Given the remoteness of location, it goes without saying i will be keen to cover at least gas expenses to get me out. Access to the spot I’m at is feasible from black rock springs side only (north end of playa). From what I can see, the entire playa south, east and west of my location looks the same as the spot I’m at – impassable. I drove in from denio junction, about 2 hours, some muddy sections too, so heavier vehicles might run into problems even earlier. Having said that, I’m no expert in local trails, just observations. To me it seems like there are two ways to get me out. Either a vehicle on the north side with a lot of winch line -100’ or more, or a bunch of traction boards plus high lift jack. Digging here is problematic, so lifting the vehicle and putting boards under might work. I do have enough food/water/gas for at least another day. It is miserable here mostly because of the mud, but I’m in no immediate danger. I might need another jerry of gas to make it back to denio junction though. I do realize that the situation I’m in is purely a result of horrible decision making on my side, so I don’t get offended by a bit of calling me out on my stupidity. Still, would very much appreciate the rescue. Thanks everyone!”

And while the 4Runner has since been recovered, it was followed closely by the offroad community online. And the comments are just as entertaining as the stuck SUV itself.

Owner George Sukhanov kept everyone up-to-date on the process and recovery team leader, Joseph Pickett, was also diligent with updates saying:

The team of four highly built rigs—two Jeep Wranglers, and older Jeep Wagoneer, and a mid-90’s Dodge Ram—headed out on Sunday evening. It took over seven hours to reach Sukhanov, but despite their best efforts they couldn’t get the 4Runner out of the mud. In fact, they almost lost one of their own Jeeps too.

The offroad community came together on this one. And it’s not the first time they’ve come together for the good of total strangers.

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