Florida Jeep Club Used Wranglers To Flip A House Over Following Destruction Of Hurricane Michael

Hurricane Michael left a wake of destruction in its path. In an effort to help a local Panama City couple, a group of Jeep enthusiasts worked together. Dereck and Andrea Clifton, whose possessions were left scattered inside their sideways house that had been knocked onto its roof by the storm. The Jeep club’s members hooked their winches to the Clifton’s house and got to work. And it’s amazing what a little teamwork can do.

The Cliftons evacuated to Mississippi when the storm approached which unfortunately meant leaving many of their belongings behind. When they returned they found their home had been flipped on its roof. As you can imagine getting it upright was not going to be an easy (or cheap) job. A member of the Bay Area Jeep Association, or BAJA, learned about the Clintons’ problem though, talked with his club about it, and came up with an awesome solution. About 30 people showed up in over a dozen Jeep CJs and Wranglers used their bumper-mounted winches to yank straps looped around the home’s frame. Slowly but surely, the Jeeps work brought the trailer upright in about eight minutes total.

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