Dump Truck With Raised Bed Takes Out Interstate Signs

This unfortunately has happened a lot. You see videos of dump trucks with their truck beds raised up and the drivers unknowingly crash into bridges or take out interstate signs. It’s kind of the same scenario as a truck going under a bridge that’s way too low for it and subsequently destroying the truck in the process of trying to drive underneath. It’s best to know exactly what’s going on with a truck you’re driving at all times to prevent something wild like this from happening!

Somehow in this video, the driver of this dump truck didn’t know that the bed of their truck was up. Maybe their side mirrors didn’t show the back of the truck, so they just assumed it was down. The driver in this video who has the dash cam tried to warn the driver by honking their horn but unfortunately the dump truck driver didn’t hear it and literally smashes into the interstate signs! The signs come crashing down and this looks like it probably took a while to clear the road after this wreck! What do you think about it? Have any thoughts or opinions? Let us know in the comments what you think!