Driver Sends Suzuki Flying Through The Air Over Roundabout

Dukes of Hazard, Poland style. The driver behind the wheel of a Suzuki Swift took advantage of the clear roads in Poland to do a little stunt work. Well, not on purpose. It’s suspected the driver was drunk while they went airborne over a roundabout embankment.

The whole thing was caught on camera as the driver entered the roundabout at a crazy high speed. The impact sent the Suzuki Swift flying.

12-04-2020 Wyjazd 20/2020Po godzinie 18.00 zostaliśmy zadysponowani przez PSK w Zgierzu do wypadku na rondzie ks….

Posted by Ochotnicza Straż Pożarna Rąbień on Sunday, April 12, 2020

It’s reported that the car took down a pine tree after flying over a monument to the Pope before landing on an outbuilding belonging to a local church. While the driver had to be cut out, luckily the driver survived the event.

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