Driver In The Diesel Brothers’ Super Duty 6×6 SEMA Truck Attempts To Take Police On A High Speed Chase

There’s just something about a high-speed chase. Will the driver get away? Will it end in a collision? Will the police apprehend the driver? And when the vehicle involved is capable of sustaining high speeds it makes it even better. Like the supercharged Ford Mustang that was involved in a chase the other day. That made for an entertaining scenario.

However, when the vehicle you’re behind the wheel of is a 6×6 pickup reportedly built by the Diesel Brothers, although awesome, not exactly a high-speed chase vehicle. Unfortunately, the driver quickly realized that.

After leading officers on a chase for a few miles, the driver in the 6×6 came to the realization that the truck wasn’t exactly easy to dodge and weave traffic with along with not cornering very well either. The driver attempted to cut through a Taco Bell parking lot which ended the chase via telephone pole.

The truck isn’t to blame here. It was never designed to outrun police. It’s reported the truck is a modified Ford F-550 with six wheels valued at $350,000. A Tweet from CNET Roadshow’s Daniel Golson identifies it as the Diesel Brothers’ 2019 SEMA build which makes confirming the exact mods on the truck a little difficult.

The truck was reportedly stolen from a dealership service bay in Malibu before getting involved in the chase. Local CBS News station reports that the driver/thief allegedly rode up to the truck on a bicycle and threw it in the bed before driving away.

The driver was taken into custody after hitting the telephone pole and it appears the truck only suffered minor damages including a flat tire and a punctured radiator.

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