Driver Stops for Gas While Mid-Police Chase

If you’re mid-pursuit, the last thing you want is to run out of power. Like the Tesla Police cruiser who ran out of charge. This driver made sure that didn’t happen to them.

A lot of people in this situation tend to ditch the car and take off on foot, or another vehicle, etc. However, this L.A. driver decided to stop and fill up the vehicle he was in. And to top it off, he even went INSIDE the gas station to pay skipping the pay-at-the-pump option. According to local news KCAL9, the driver ran inside, put $10 in cash on the counter, and pumped away.

The driver was involved in the chase after stealing from a Home Depot, the Glendora Police Department told NBC Los Angeles. The driver took off in a matte black Audi A4 with major front end damage but it’s still unclear if that damage happened during the chase.

What’s even crazier is that the driver actually attempted to stop for fuel twice. At the first Chevron he stopped at, he demanded fuel be given to him for free. The gas station employee stated, “As we continued refusing, he started to get more aggressive. He started demanding more and threatening us that if we don’t, it will get much more messy or crazy.”

When things didn’t play out as he hoped, he moved onto the second Chevron gas station where he just decided it was easier to pay for the fuel and move on.

If you’re wondering how it’s possible police didn’t catch this guy mid-pit stop, police gave up on chasing the driver in patrol cars since they didn’t want to encourage the driver to be more reckless.

The man eventually surrendered to police in the parking lot after they pinned down his location by following him via air.

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