Supercharged Ford Mustang Driver Flees Police At 178 MPH

And yes, this encounter ended in a crash. A Mustang driver attempted to escape police after being caught speeding on Interstate 30 near Little Rock, Arkansas. The driver hit a whopping 178 mph in the supercharged Mustang before exiting the interstate and colliding with at least two other vehicles and a building.

Once the officer flipped their lights on the driver takes off, which is still unclear why since it’s reported there were no incriminating items in the vehicle with him. If he would have just pulled over, he would’ve only been charged with speeding instead of the speeding, felony fleeing by vehicle, reckless driving and resisting arrest he was hit with.

While not confirmed, the Mustang in the video appears to be a 2017 GT with a variation of Roush performance upgrades which means the 5.0-liter V8 could have a 2.3-liter supercharger. This would put out around 675 horsepower.

So moral of the story is just because a vehicle has a ton of power, don’t try and out run the cops. Pull over and take the ticket.

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