Doing Donuts On An ATV..What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Doing donuts in a car is one thing, mostly because you’re obviously protected because you’re in an enclosed space and have a seatbelt to help in the event of a flip over. Doing donuts on an ATV however is a different story. Anytime you’re either doing stunts on a motorcycle, dirtbike or ATV, there’s a high risk of an accident occurring. Considering you’re not strapped into the seat at all, if you go crashing, you’re gonna go flying! Nothing sounds more painful than that! ATV’s are even more dangerous because they weigh so much and you sometimes hear about people crashing on these things and the ATV crushing them. This is why stunts like this should never be performed unless you’re a professional.

This video is ridiculous because it’s all fun and games at first but then disaster strikes! It’s unknown on what exactly went wrong but as soon as the ATV loses traction, both the ATV and the guy go flying! Fortunately the ATV didn’t fall on the man, and he seemed to be relatively ok. He’ll probably think twice next time when considering doing donuts on an ATV or even riding one to begin with. What do you think about this!?