Dodge’s Super Bowl Commercial Has Hellcats Drifting To ‘The Devil Went Down to Georgia’

What’s more American than Dodge and Charlie Daniels? Not much. The only thing that could’ve made this better is if it featured Charlie Daniels himself (unfortunately it doesn’t). And joining the ever-growing list of automakers releasing Super Bowl LIII commercials early, Dodge has posted this video. And it couldn’t be more fitting with what the Hellcat connotation and the Super Bowl being held in Atlanta, GA this year.

“The Dodge SRT lineup of vehicles has arrived in Georgia as part of the Dodge Big Game Blitz. Introducing the remake of a classic song in a way that only Dodge can. Crafting a custom version with a new vocalist and fiddler that intertwines the music with Dodge engine notes. The result is a unique remake of an all-time classic song that is powered by the performance of the legendary Dodge lineup. Let’s start this show, Georgia.”

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