Dodge SRT Designer Asks Challenger & Charger Owners To Take Off Splitter Guards

Dodge sent out Charger and Challengers with yellow plastic splitter guards on the leading edge to help prevent damage during transport. Within the last year, owners have either decided they liked the look of them or just left them on for other reasons in spite of the “To Be Removed By Dealer” printed on. However, Dodge and SRT lead designer, Mark Trostle, has made an official statement saying, “I wish they would take them off.”

At the end of a design and tech review video by Canadian YouTuber Brian Makse, Trostle told it like it is.

“This is the final word: When we did the sketch for the Charger and Challenger, it never had yellow strips on it”.

What some think looks "cool" is actually no good for the paint. Wanna guess how many miles the splitter guards were…

Posted by Tyler Grant on Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Taking it one step further, Tyler Grant, the Internet sales manager at a Dodge dealer, made a Facebook post also requesting owners remove the splitter guards. Grant explained that since the guards aren’t specifically molded to fit perfectly, dirt and moisture get between the plastic and the splitter and mar the clear coat or paint.

Dodge has even weighed in and sided with Trostle. The automaker will change the color of its splitter guards to a shade of violet in hopes of ending this latest automotive trend.

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