Demolition Derby Drag Racing, Who Wouldn’t Love It?

Two awesome car events have been merged into one…Demolition Derby Drag Racing. I mean can you really ask for anything more? Well-known YouTuber Cleetus McFarland came up with the idea for his “Cleetus and Cars” event, according to Jalopnik.

Basically, you match up two beater cars at the start line and let them go at it. Of course, the fastest car wins but there is a catch. The two cars HAVE to make contact before they reach the finish line. And although it looks like pure madness, there is a surprising amount of thought that goes into it. How do you manage to take out your opponent AND get to the finish line first? As if doing just one or the other wasn’t enough of a challenge! And to end it all, in typical demolition style all the competitors’ cars are ran over by none other than a monster truck.

So just to clarify all that’s included in one event. Speed? Check. Crashes? Check. Competition? Check. That’s some good stuff right there. Hats off to you, Cleetus. You may have just come up with the ultimate gearhead event. Would you participate? And if you would, what car would you bring to the strip? Let us know!