Dealer-Built Ford F-150 Lightning Knows How To Burn Rubber

According to Popular Mechanics, there’s a dealership that would build you a brand new F-150 SVT Lightning that Ford wouldn’t. And naturally, The Hooniverse got its hands on one and brought it to an empty airstrip to find out how well it could rip a burnout.

The Hooniverse’s Greg Kachadurian got to work smoking the tires in spectacular fashion as soon as he got behind the wheel of this truck. In only 90 seconds we see him doing brake-stands and throwing the truck into spectacular donuts. And while you’re watching, remember that this SVT Lightning is equipped with a Roush-supercharged 650-horsepower 5.0-liter V8, sending power to just the rear wheels under a short-wheelbase two-door body. That means there’s absolutely no weight anywhere near the rear tires which makes this the ultimate burnout machine.

And get this. The truck starts out at just $50,00 which makes for a hard time justifying getting a Raptor over this pavement-wrecking beast of a performance truck. The only factor would be adding in a pretty healthy tire budget.

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