Dale Jr. Autobiography, Christmas Car, License Plate Recall, Alaska Earthquake, And Trooper Wake Up

Today on PND…
• Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s Autobiography Covers More Than Just His Life
• A California Man’s Car Decked Out In 4,000 Christmas Lights
• Kansas Is Recalling License Plates With Racial Slurs
• Lucky Drivers Survived Alaska’s 7.0 Earthquake
• And Troopers Who Had To Walk Through Traffic Waking Drivers Up

Dale Jr. Bio
When you think autobiography you think details on the person’s career or personal life. And while Dale Earnhardt Jr. definitely touches on those things in his new autobiography, Racing to the Finish, it focuses more on the details of the mental and physical toll racing had him, specifically concussions. He goes in depth on the side effects the multiple concussions he’s had since 2012 have had on him and the battle he fights every day. If you’re interested in another side of racing you may want to check it out.

Christmas Lights
Every year around the holiday there’s the handful of people who decorate their car, usually with the antlers out their windows or the Rudolph nose on the front grill. But California resident, Fernando Acosta, took his holiday spirit to the next level. He decorated his Nissan Altima with at least 4,000 lights according to local news Fox 5 San Diego. It’s pretty impressive but he says he’s disappointed he couldn’t fit more!

License Plates Recall
There have been recalls all over the news lately for everything from lettuce to medication. But the latest one isn’t health or safety related. It’s over 700 license plates out of Kansas that have racial slurs on them. Japanese-American Barbara Johnson was driving in Kansas when she noticed “JAP” on the license plate in front of her. It’s reported several plates throughout the state have that lettering and after a year of complaints, the state is recalling them. These plates are standard letter combinations that are randomly given out, not personalizes plates. A letter was sent to the owners asking them to trade their plates in at the county clerk for a new plate within 30 days, or they will receive a new one at their renewal date.

Alaska Earthquake
Not long after the California fires were contained, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck Anchorage, Alaska. It had severe impacts on the land and infrastructure leaving buildings crumbling and roadways separating. Take a look at this extremely lucky GMC Terrain driver who happened to be on the road during the quake but was left untouched on the middle of a broken road. Luckily, no deaths or injuries have been reported.

Sleeping Drivers
Traffic is nothing new, especially during inclement weather. But when the first snow storm swept through the Midwest, it left drivers stranded for hours. 10 hours to be exact. Traffic came to a complete halt on I-40 in Little Rock, Arkansas earlier this month during blizzard-like conditions, which caused several accidents. So with nowhere to go, drivers took a nap. But when traffic didn’t pick up again after conditions cleared, State Police realized people were sleeping and had to walk from car to car to wake people up!

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