Dad Follows Insticts, Finds Teenage Son Alive After Being Trapped In Car For 30 Hours

The saying “Dad knows best” certainly holds true in this situation. Seventeen-year-old Samuel Lethbridge went missing after heading to one of his friends’ house and after he didn’t come back or reply to messages, his father knew there was something wrong. He knew his son hadn’t run away or off the radar on purpose. His sister, Megan, took to Facebook and social media to ask for help from the community when nobody had heard from Samuel the next day.

However, after two days of not hearing from him and no luck with the search, Samuel’s father, Tony, made the executive decision to hire a helicopter to join the search since his gut was telling him there was “one place he had to check”. Tony told local UK news station, 7 News, “An accident happened there about five years ago… it stuck in my mind. I thought I can’t leave him out there without looking.” and it turns out that was the best decision of his life.

After only ten minutes since the helicopter took off, the crew spotted the wreckage of a car on banking just off the Pacific Highway. When emergency responders arrived, rescuers had to cut off the car’s roof and most of the seats in order to get him out from where he had been pinned beneath the dashboard. It was believed that Samuel had been trapped in the car for at least 30 hours.

Samuel was taken to the hospital with several injuries including a broken arm and leg and is listed in serious condition. But man, this kid is lucky his dad listened to his gut.