Could You Cross This Bridge Without Having An Anxiety Attack?

Sometimes, even the most sturdy of bridges can bring a wave of fear if you look down at the wrong minute or catch a gust of wind. But what if the bridge is just barely hanging on? And you’re in an old, run-down truck? That adds a whole new level of challenges.

Although this bridge isn’t particularly tall or over the most treacherous of waters, it’s definitely one you may need to have an extra pair of shorts for when you get to the other side. The 1,640-foot test of bravery in Siberia looks like it could collapse at any second although this truck/van proves otherwise.

The bridge spans the Vitim River and was built for use by trains, which explains the lack of safety barrier (and makes us question why it’s being used by every-day vehicles). Especially since the bridge has been replaced by a much safer structure just a little father down. After the rails were removed it was never torn down, and it eventually became part of the Baikal–Amur Mainline (BAM) road in Siberia which makes no sense to us, but hey, it’s Russia. The road now attracts adventure seekers and people just looking for a good thrill. You won’t catch us on it.