Joe Rogan Bet Elon Musk He Could Successfully Fire an Arrow Into the Cybertruck for $1

Joe rogan fires a 525 grain arrow at the side of a Tesla Cybertruck prototype

A few weeks ago, a Tesla Cybertruck received a lot of online attention when a prototype was spotted on a California highway riddled with bullet holes. According to CEO Elon Musk, it was shot up with a 1920s Thompson submachine gun Al Capone-style to test the strength and durability of its stainless steel paneling. While appearing on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Musk revealed that they also emptied a 45mm shotgun and a 9mm handgun into the side of the Cybertruck as well. That was when the comedian/podcaster suggested an “experiment” of his own.

Joe Rogan vs. Tesla Cybertruck

“Can I try with an arrow?” asked Joe Rogan. “I bet I can get it in there.” To raise the stakes on his bow skills, Rogan bet Musk a whopping $1 if he succeeded. Musk happily agreed to that bet by using the Cybertruck he drove to the studio as the test subject.

Video of Joe Rogan’s showdown against the Cybertruck was shared online which features the comedian armed with his 90-pound compound bow that fires 525-grain arrows at 300 feet per second (205 mph).

By standing approximately 15 feet away from the truck, Rogan lined up his shot and fired away. Unfortunately, he is out $1 because despite using one of the strongest compound bows available, the arrow bounced off the stainless steel like a skipping stone on water. A close-up on the arrow’s tip shows that the impact flattened it, leaving only a tiny dent in the side of the panel.

Is The Cybertruck Completely Bulletproof?

If it were any other car on the market, chances are very high that Rogan’s arrow would have pierced its door panel with little resistance. But the stainless steel exterior of the Cybertruck left Joe Rogan impressed. “So, we just shot an arrow into it, and it barely scratched it. It was probably moving 275 feet a second, that was a 545-grain arrow, that’s impressive. It just destroyed the broad head, the broad head flattened at the tip, and then the arrow blew apart. Amazing,” Rogan said.

However, the glass used in the Cybertruck is not bulletproof, which Musk famously proved by throwing a steel ball at an early prototype live onstage in 2019. He mentions that the windows would not be able to go up and down if they were bulletproof, as heavily armored glass is too thick and would need to be fixed. But bulletproof glass could be an option for the truck in the future.

Musk later revealed that footage of the Cybertruck being shot up with a Tommy Gun, shotgun, and a handgun will be shown at Tesla’s Handover event on November 30th.

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