Clueless Driver Leaves A Whole Alignment Rig Still On Their Wheel

There are so many questions. We’ve all seen things while driving that cause intrigue and amazement. Whether it’s a person driving with a forgotten gas pump hose, or maybe a person driving while putting makeup on, or the ever popular multi-tasking between eating and texting and everything else. Tony on Facebook, however, came across a new one (at least for us). And it is especially baffling.

If you don’t happen to spend your free time hanging around tire shops and therefore don’t know all the tools and tech that odd looking thing could be, that solar-panel-looking object flipping around on the wheel of that vehicle is a wheel alignment device. Scrathing your head? We did too.

The big panel part is the reflector unit that’s used in wheel alignment and, as you probably guessed, you really shouldn’t be driving around with one of those on a wheel.

So for the questionsL How does this person not notice the thing flapping around on their wheel? Was the car stolen out of a wheel alignment shop? Is the driver going to pull over and then what do they do with it? Did Tony from Facebook honk or somehow tell the driver what was probably making for a very bumpy ride?