Civil War Cannon vs RAM 1500 Truck

Talk about a complete fail!

First of all, this is a cannon from the civil war, so yeah it’s gonna move a little bit once it’s fired. The power this thing has behind it is just crazy loud and with it being on wheels, it’s no surprise it rolled backwards.

The video starts off in the woods somewhere where a couple of guys are about to fire off an old civil war cannon. Now they probably thought it was all fun and games but unfortunately for their truck, it was parked right behind the cannon. As soon as the cannon goes off, it immediately rolls backwards from the blast. Where does it roll? Well, it rolls DIRECTLY into their RAM 1500 truck! Now at first it doesn’t sound like a bad collision but once you see the end of the video, you see a pretty bad dent in the door of the truck. This is no small dent either. It probably was a pretty expensive fix but still, telling people you got a dent in your truck from a civil war cannon is pretty crazy!

What do you think about this fail? Thoughts or opinions? Let us know in the comments what you think!