Chrylser to recall 288k RAM Pickups for drivetrain issues

Well folks, it's been announced throughout the web this morning that Chrysler will be issuing a recall for close to 288,000 older RAM trucks sold both inside and outside of the United States. The recall is for the rear axle in that it can seize leading to drive shaft failure, or the driveshaft can actually fall off the vehicle.

Chrysler said in documents that were posted this morning (Friday) by U.S. safety regulators that the rear-axle pinion nut can indeed loosen on these trucks. This can ultimately cause a safety problem that makes the trucks spin out of control. This recall comes in light of an investigation that was done by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration way back in June 2014.

The agency did find 15 complaints, including drivers that reported their wheels locking at speeds well over 50 miles per hour. Chrysler has announced that there have been three crashes so far with only one resulting in injury because of the drivetrain issue. This recall includes nearly 257,000 trucks in the U.S., another 22,000 in Canada, 8,800 in Mexico and 400 outside North America! The trucks that were affected were made from Jan. 28, 2004 to Aug. 3, 2005, according to the documents from Chrysler.

Dealers will install a fix at no cost to owners. The recall will begin in February.

Customers can call Chrysler at (800) 853-1403 with questions.

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