Check Out How Far This Motorcycle Got Without A Driver

Keep your bikes under control, kids! Looks like this bike rides better on its own. No, really, this is bike is out on its own while the rider sits and stares at his ride leaving him.

We’ve heard of people treating motorcycles like they’re alive, like pets or whatever, but this might very well be the first time I’ve seen one actually do its own thing without anybody riding it. More credit to the bike or the “rider”? Honestly, probably the bike.

This video which looks to have been captured a few months ago by the Minnesota riding group “Northern Wheelies” shows what happens when your stunt bike gets away from you with just enough throttle applied to keep itself moving. And it’s actually pretty impressive.

But seriously, that thing just does not quite!

It even survives a kick from another rider (still on their bike) and doesn’t come to a stop until it meets the fender of an old pickup truck. It takes a whole truck to take this thing down. Have a cool stunt (planned or unplanned) you pulled off? We wanna see them!