Challenger Runs Out Of Fuel After Doing Donuts – Driver Gets Arrested

Challenger Doing Donuts in Detroit Intersection | Twitter: Michigan State Police

Oops. When it comes to poor decision-making and committing illegal activities in public intersections, we have to assume the person behind the wheel isn’t the most responsible; this driver in Detroit is a prime example. A police helicopter found this Dodge Challenger doing donuts at a public intersection, and a chase ensued with an ending you’d expect.

Detroit has been battling a growing street racing and reckless driving problem citywide. Police and city officials have responded with increased enforcement and stiffer penalties that include permanently seizing cars. During the pandemic, streets were deserted as people locked down, leading to a 7.2 percent spike in fatalities caused by street racing, speeding, and other risky behaviors from the year before. This behavior seems to persist as more drivers get back on the road. 

Maybe this driver didn’t get the memo, or perhaps they didn’t care about potentially losing their vehicle. We assume the latter. Either way, Michigan State Police was flying over the area with their night vision camera and spotted this Dodge Challenger committing illegal activities in a public intersection. The heat-sensitive camera on their helicopter captured the hot tire tracks that covered the road. The driver was caught “red-handed” but didn’t give up without a fight.

Twitter: Michigan State Police

Now, you might be thinking to yourself that if it’s a Hellcat, even the helicopter is going to have some trouble keeping up. While we aren’t sure of the precise model, we are certain that all models of the Dodge Challenger like to sip fuel at rapid rates. Suffice to say, it’s not the best car for a high-speed pursuit because gas won’t last long. Such is the case here as the driver attempted to stop and get gas as police surround the vehicle.

Challenger At the Gas Station During Pursuit | Twitter: Michigan State Police

The driver again attempts to flee the scene but rammed into a patrol car in the process as they exited the gas station. They hopped on the freeway and pulled several car lengths ahead of the police as the chopper stayed in hot pursuit of the Challenger. It was at that moment the driver knew they messed up – the Challenger gives out due to a lack of fuel and stops on the freeway.

Three suspects bailed from the Dodge and ran across multiple lanes of traffic, which is something we advise against you ever trying. Two suspects were taken into custody, with a third still eluding police. Michigan State Police released a tweet taunting the suspects “we have to thank the suspects for their help in getting caught.”

Moral of the story? Don’t run from the police. If you do, which we don’t advise because you’re going to get caught – at least pay attention to the gas tank before making horrible life-altering decisions.

Challenger Out of Fuel on Highway Before Arrest | Twitter: Michigan State Police

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