Challenger owner protects car with cones, neighbors aren't happy

The driver of a Dodge Challenger blocks off his parking space with cones in a New York City neighborhood, and residents aren't happy about the sophomoric move.

According to the New York Post, William Caraballo owner penned the words "Dodge Challenger" on the cones, which are placed in front of, next to, behind and on top of the car when it's parked.

One neighbor said in the story, "It's ridiculous. It's like seat-saving in the cafeteria for grade-school kids."

But Caraballo disagrees. He told The Post, "In every neighborhood, I put cones around the car. I guess it draws attention to it in a way, but it also protects it. … I don't want people at night, especially if I'm at home in bed, looking through the glass to see what's inside."

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