Car Rams Through Railroad Crossing Barrier – VERY Close Call With Speeding Train!

There have been reports of people trying to outrun trains since the invention of the automobile. It’s ridiculous for people to do something so dangerous and impatient, that they would risk a collision with a train just to get to their destination just a few minutes sooner. Unfortunately people seem to continue to drive crazy for some reason and stuff like this continues to happen. Maybe the invention of autonomous cars is not such a bad idea after all since human driving sometimes results in bad decisions like this.

This video is just shocking! The driver of this car decided that it would be a great idea to try to beat an oncoming train and RAM through the railroad crossing barrier. Why they would think this would be a wise decision, nobody knows. Literally right after the car rams through the crossing barrier, the train BARELY misses crashing into the car, only clipping the back bumper. Seeing how close the train gets to obliterating the car is just plain scary! Not sure what the driver was thinking but it definitely probably scared them enough to never try that again!

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