Camaro Loses Control and Crashes Into A Toyota Prius – Leaves The Scene!

This video is interesting. It first starts off with a surveillance angle of outside a store or some kind of business. It’s a street view showing a few cars parked outside. You see in the distance a Camaro turning onto this street. It seems like the driver of the Camaro might have been driving too fast because as soon as he drives onto this street, he loses complete control!

The Camaro then suddenly plows into a car that’s parked on the street and then into a Toyota Prius before finally coming to a stop! There appears to be quite a bit of debris on the ground from this crash that just occurred. The Camaro then backs up immediately and in the 2nd surveillance camera angle you see the driver open up the door to his car, before a tow truck then arrives to take it away.

According to Speed Society, the driver of the Camaro decided to completely bail out on the scene and passed the problem onto the victim who owns the damaged property. Wow! What a crazy situation! What do you think about this? Do you have any thoughts or opinions? Let us know in the comments what you think!