California Suspends Registration For Hyundai Elantra N Driver Because The Stock Exhaust is Too Loud

Many states have started to crack down more and more on car modifications, mainly for excessive noise. The state of California in particular has been taking it very seriously, and one driver learned this in a very unique and confusing way.

According to the owner, he was pulled over in his Hyundai Elantra N for escessive noise. The officer was under the impression that the car was using a modified exhaust system. But here’s the twist, the car is 100% stock from the factory.

The officer in the video suspends the car’s registration and even wanted to suspend the driver’s license. Now, the car remains unregistered and unmodified. The officer later tells the owner to either take his Hyundai back to the dealer to take out its drive modes or sue the automaker.

According to the car’s owner, who goes by the Reddit username OkCandidate103, the car had been recorded hitting 102 decibels and averaged 98 decibels during testing for the state of California. The legal limit in California is 95 db, which means the Elantra N had failed the inspection. According to the owner, the test was conducted while the car was in sport mode and was asked by the inspector to put it in its loudest setting possible.

Despite being 100% bone stock from the factory, the car’s registration remains suspended. The owner says he is stuck in limbo trying to hear back from Hyundai on resolving the issue.

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