California Mom Sues Tesla After Toddler Son Runs Her Over

A mom in California is suing Tesla after her toddler put her parked Tesla Model X in gear and drove into her.

Mallory Harcourt was eight months pregnant when the crash occurred. She said she parked the Model X in the driveway and turned off the engine. She left the falcon doors open to get out her toddler and groceries when she walked toward the garage. The two-year-old climbed into the driver’s seat before the SUV rolled toward Harcourt. She was pinned against a garage wall and suffered a cracked pelvis and broken leg, giving birth 10 days after the crash. Harcourt is still recovering, and the family’s arttorney said the toddler “has been traumatized for months and has required therapy .”

Harcourt’s attorneys claims that Tesla doesn’t have basic features that most other vehicles have, and that allowed the young boy to move the car. Harcourt’s attorneys reached out to Tesla regarding the incident, but they found the company’s response to be “outrageous.”

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